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Our Story

   30 Years of passion for animals   

The passion for animals has been present since I was born. Growing up on a farm has only confirmed this. But over time, attention shifted more and more to the more special animal species or breeds. For example, we not only have alpacas but also Indian runner ducks and, among other things, Scottish Highlanders are also on the list.

The alpaca farm started when I was 16 as a hobby with the first two animals. In the meantime, we already have a lot more animals and knowledge in house. It is this knowledge that we also want to share with anyone who wants to start, is busy with or is interested in alpacas. Today the alpaca is more than just my hobby. We are committed to alpaca day after day. More information about our farm, the alpaca and the alpaca farm can be found on our website: www.salictum.com.

The alpaca wool is of a much better quality than that of sheep's wool. For example, alpaca wool is durable, hypoallergenic, fire retardant, strong and thermoregulatory. It is a very good quality product. Due to its properties, you can obtain a light and thin garment that feels comfortable and soft but is much lighter than any other wool product. It is not for nothing that the Incas called it the wool of the gods, "Lana Deorum".


Due to its high-quality characteristics, the intention is of course to start using the wool. In the meantime, we have been offering various alpaca wool products for some time. You can contact us for clothing, accessories, knitting yarn, duvets and raw wool. You can also find products for the alpaca farm and the alpaca fan with us. Take a look further at the webshop to discover the full range.

We zijn niet enkel een alpacafokkerij. Je kan bij ons ook terecht voor producten en diensten van en voor alpaca's. 

Salictum alpacafarm

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